Group of Five

Back Row L-R:
Stan Roberts, Randy Hughes

Front Row L- R:
Norm Grimard, Ellie Cousineau, Jerry Tucker

    Ellie Cousineau on her training experience:

“It was monumental…I didn’t want to do it. I thought , “Here I go, I have to do sensitivity training, all over again. ” And…it was sensitivity training all over again, but in a slightly different way than I ever went through it…We did have to do a lot of looking into people’s eyes, our partners eyes. Someone we don’t even know; and telling them as tory without speaking, without hearing…It does bring you to tears. The same with…massaging each others feet. Of course, I went into it like in nursing, giving this really deep massage and my partner was like, “NO! Do it lightly!” And the he did it to my feet very lightly.”

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